Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Watercolor Winter Gift Tags

Oh, my.... well here it is!

 Has anyone else done this? I've worked all day on projects, finished bunches but nothing touched my heart until I made these extremely simple pine bough (fir bough?) gift tags. Very Vanilla card stock lightly sponged with Crumb Cake ink on all edges and simply stamped. They're perfect! 
No words, no bling - just a bit of cotton ribbon tied with strands that came off my burlap table runner while I made it last week, lol! Now that was a fun project also!

Okay, the guilt has set in - here's a card to go with the tags. You knew it would be simple - but isn't it sweet? 

I think I like cards best that don't have any words on the front of it.... just an image and let the handwritten words inside be the conversation.

And here's the skinny on firs, spruces and pines - thanks to Dave's Gardening. Still not sure what the stamp set is, but....
"If you are unsure of the difference between firs, spruces and pines, there is a good rule of thumb:  If the needles are carried in groups of two or more, your suspect is surely a pine.  If the needles are carried in singles, it is either a fir or a spruce.  Spruces can be identified from firs by rolling a solitary needle between your fingers.  A spruce's needle will roll easily between your fingers because it has four sides to each leaf, while a fir's needles have only two sides, so they will not roll easily between your fingers.
Botanically speaking, a spruce is any specimen in the genus Picea (pronounced PY-see-uh) and a fir is of the genus Abies (pronounced A-bees).  Firs and spruces seem to be lesser known than pines but are just as beautiful and majestic. Here is a mere sampling of the varieties available of spruces and firs. "

Watercolor Winter


Barbara Dykhouse said...

Oh, Penny, I have been on the fence about getting this set, but you just sent me over the edge! I LOVE this!!

-Susan- said...

Penny I NEVER would have even thought about purchasing this stamp set until I saw your card and tags. They are elegant! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

How did you get the shape of the tags?

Anonymous said...

Oh..nevermind....I scrolled down further in your blog and found it. Thanks!!


Marcy said...

Simple Elegance...very pretty!!

What shade of 'green'did you
use? Also, where did you
find the burlap yardage
for your table runner?
Very Nice !! Burlap is so
"in" right now...

Renee Pontious said...

Thanks for the great Fir, Spruce, Pine lesson. I've always wondered before and just called them all Evergreens...now I know!!! (: Once again your cards are beautiful.

Penny Smiley said...

I used Lucky Limeade.
I purchased the burlap at Hobby Lobby. Interestingly, the clerk told me they have started manufacturing higher end burlap because of it's popularity - it's washable and easy to work with.