Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, Isaiah!

Our amazing grandson, Isaiah, turned six recently and he decided a gift card would work best for his birthday present. He wanted to combine it with his brother's birthday gift card so they could get something really big and then share it. So, off to Target I go!  Gift card shopping is wonderfully simple and they have very creative gift cards. I originally was going to make a gift card holder that went along with this little monster (the gift card, not the grandson!) but then decided I'd use it as the embellishment on the card instead.
 Kabing, kabong, done!
Isn't he handsome? He also has one of the greatest little personalities ever.... love, love you, Isaiah!

And now, a little about me...
I've been slacking a little with blogging lately, so thought it best to give you a peek into the changes in our household.
My parents have had some challenges with their health the last year or so and they have sweetly agreed to come stay with us for awhile. We're settling into a routine and are having a great time with them. In our move upstairs to our new suite, I managed to misplace the battery charger for my camera (which is now perfectly dead!) so have a new one on order and will be taking photos here in no time at all. I'll be back to regular posting shortly.
Meantime I'm enjoying leisurely days of chatting with my Mom, lunch on the front porch, sunset vistas from outdoor rocking chairs and just enjoying little snapshots of them each day as they share some time with us. It's a gift to be able to enjoy unhurried hours - they have so much to offer and I feel blessed to share in their reminiscing.