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Welcome to Beginner Tips!

There is nothing quite like getting a brand new box of Stampin' Up! supplies! It's easy to get excited and just want to start stamping. I know that's what I did. But looking back now, it would have been so very nice to have some helpful hints along the way. That's what this page is all about. So, let's get started!

Stamp Pads

In July 2013, Stampin' Up! introduced firm foam stamp pads. They create such a crisp, even image and require only light tapping to move the ink from the pad to your stamp.

You will find color labels on the underside of the stamp case that come in four languages. Just peel off the label of your choice and adhere it to the front side of the stamp pad container for easy identification. 

Need to refresh your ink pads? It's easily done with re-inkers that are listed on pages 152-156 alongside the stamp pads.
To re-ink, just squeeze a small amount of ink onto the stamp pad in an "S" pattern. Then, using the back of a plastic spoon or similar object that doesn't have sharp edges, gently "ice" the stamp pad with the ink until it has soaked evenly into the stamp pad. You're ready for stamping again!

Store face up - because of the patented flip-top case, the ink stays at the surface of the firm foam pad when it's stored in the face up position.

Stamp Sets

Clear mount stamps offer a compact storage solution and are great for those who prefer repositionable stamps with fewer blocks.

Here's how I get my stamp sets ready to use:

Here's how your stamp set looks when you open the case.

First, I peel all the backing off of the stamps and the surrounding rubber.

 The backing of each label is divided into two pieces, as shown. Peel backing from one stamp image.

Adhere stamp onto image, then continue repeating this process with each stamp.

Re-position the surrounding rubber piece back into the back portion of the case. It will lay rubber side up.

Place the stamps back into place.

The back of your case will now look like this. This keeps your stamps neat and it's easy to tell at a glance if all of your stamps were replaced to the case after using (my favorite part!)

More to follow soon....

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