Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tap, tap, tap ... again

Do you have a stamp set you just keep reaching for? Well, for myself, it's Gorgeous Grunge. It makes the greatest background for so many cards. I also happen to love this typewriter and the sweet messages it can hold.

Raise your hand it you can remember tap, tapping (or clunk, clunking) on one of these! I remember taking my typing test in high school on one. 
I think 60 wpm was an "A". Speed demons that we were.
It was like a cardio workout, really.
  Gosh, how old are you, Penny? Well, that typing test would have been 42 years ago - hope you're good at math, smile.
Now, would you like to see the cutest little gal ever?
Meet our grand-daughter, Hope! Back to school shopping, complete with new specs!

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Tap, Tap, Tap

Gorgeous Grunge

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