Thursday, August 30, 2012

Aww.... little Hopper!

I'm not sure if our family gets an award for three casts in a month, but that's what has happened, unfortunately! 
First, my Mom took a spill and broke her ankle - right after returning home from the Stampin' Up! convention. Not what she needed at all!

Then our grand daughter, Kaylee, took a spill on a three-wheeler and broke her arm. Big ouches! And very lucky she wasn't hurt worse!

And now her sister, Hope
- or as she is affectionately called "Hoppers" took a nasty spill on a trampoline last weekend and didn't fair too well. 
She's a bright eyed, bouncy little gal - our youngest grand-daughter and I have a feeling she won't be slowed down much!
Headed in for surgery, or a "nap" (as she was told) so the Doctor can fix her arm.

More than ready to go home after surgery!
Love the color you chose for your cast!
Feelin' for you, Hope, and hope you heal quickly.

And, hopefully, that's the end of broken limbs!

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