Monday, August 5, 2013

While the Blogger's away....

I'm visiting with friends and family in California for the next week so thought I would share some more swaps with you!
This "Best Friend" card is from Ruthie Graen.... a delightful, fun gal from Arkansas. You'll have noticed her comments from time to time on my blog, because she's just that kind of gal - always with a kind word and just makes you feel good. Thanks, Ruthie, and the world is still awaiting your blog!

These pretty  card, which coordinates so well with Ruthie's was created by Raquelle Clifton, whom I met for the first time at convention. Was great getting to know you and what fun we had at Buca di Beppo's!

Do you think these gals were together when they created these? Coordinates perfectly!


Lelly Jelly said...

beautiful cards!

Ruthie Graen said...

How nice of you to feature our cards Penny! It was shocking to open up your blog and see my card there! You'd think Raquelle and I did decide on what colors to use together wouldn't you? But I only met her at convention this year, so that didn't happen. Great minds think alike I guess! Thanks again!