Monday, July 9, 2012

Saturday Farmers Market, a thank you and a welcome!

Our Saturday morning started with a three mile walk (coffee in hand!) along the Boise River. It's always a beautiful place to spend some time, a great walking path, a nice river, and people out enjoying the day.

Thirty seven years with this wonderful gentleman! Still fun to spend time with him! 

On to the Farmer's Market - a favorite stop of ours with it's incredible produce

and flowers and musicians!

Isn't this a very cool sign - first time I had noticed it!

Besides the great bread sticks, which we always eat while we're browsing, a hand held rhubarb pie is high on our list!

And now for a card and fun mini-tutorial!

I needed a simple card... to go along with scones for a friend and a neighbor and this will work just fine.
I had seen twist ties re-made with paper and tho't I'd give it a try. Kinda' fun!

Here's how to make them.... I just started with regular twist ties - mine came with the cellophane bags I had bought. Cut 1/4" strips of DSP, adhere sticky strip to wrong side of one strip of DSP. Adhere to twist tie and then add second 1/4" strip of DSP on top. What if you embellished the edges with scallops? Could be kind of cute!

Post Script: After posting, I had to run back up to my stampin' room and create a few in bright polka dots - and with embellished edges! The Finishing Touches Edgelit makes a perfect little sawtooth border! Ta Da!
Have a wonderful week! Penny


Hobby Potter said...

Great to read your blog and hear your adventures! What a wonderful tag idea! I've been looking to make some creative tags for ceramic pieces that will be in downtown Roseville. I'll take a look through your online catalog for something unique :) Thanks so much Penny!

Wendie Waldman said...

Congratulations on 39 years and thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. I could just taste those beautiful beets. Our local farmers would give anything to have such a beautiful bounty. We have little water and a short growing season.

Judi said...

Happy Anniversary! How lucky you are to have a river walk nearby (and farmers market). twist ties - a fun idea, thanks for sharing.