Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 - Imagine the Possibilities

Happy New Year's Eve!

This is my "Welcome 2013" card.... a brand new year that lies before each of us to live as we choose. Incredibly grateful for the freedom we have to do that!

There is something so inspiring about 2013, isn't there? Imagine the possibilities! I thought this stamp was perfect to go along with a new year.

Are you a list person like I am - creating a new spending plan, planning vacation, setting goals. I've always loved the planning part of anything (now to get better at the follow-through, hah!)

So, here's one of my goals .... oh, you're going to love it!

Each day create something new that I found on Pinterest! Just sounded so much more fun than losing 30 lbs, don't you agree? No, seriously, how fun would that be! Want to join me? 

It doesn't have to be a craft - maybe an organization idea, cleaning product, recipe, write a great saying on our kitchen chalkboard. The list is endless!

I'll do my best at keeping you updated about how that all works out. And, really, I do have some other goals also - related to my health, my education and of course my Stampin' Up! business. My first "health goal" being to begin each day with a tall glass of water. Yep, can't touch the caffeine til it's done.

And along the way I'd love to have a Pinterest Potluck party! Choose one cool thing to make, invite the girls, have all the supplies for making that craft ready for them and they each bring one dish made from a recipe they found on Pinterest.
Good food, good times!

Let 2013 begin!

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120308 w
120651 c

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rebecca said...

Happy New this card, my baby turns 21 on Wed, and I plan on casing this for her. Thanks for all the inspiration you provide. Blessings.

Susan said...

I can't wait to follow your plan(s); you are such an inspiration, & a fantastic role model, if you're needed for the task; thank you & blessings for a productive SU year.

Renee Pontious said...

Oh Penny.... I think we are going to have fun in 2013. I'll join you in the Pinterest challenge . Potluck also sounds awesome!!!

Michelle McGraw said...

I love this!!!! It would also make a GREAT Graduation card too!!!