Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Gift Tags!

Still needing gift tags? I thought I'd share a few more with you today that I've been making.
Tags are such a fun way to dress up a present. They're quick and easy to make and add that special "I thought of you" touch. Enjoy!

And once again using the Peekaboo Frames Bigz Die!

I've also had more requests about tying tiny bows so thought I would share the steps for that with you again today.

Using 7" of ribbon,  place around a fork, left over right, in what resembles the breast cancer symbol.

The end that's on the top then gets threaded between the center tines to the back.
That same end gets brought up between the center tines to the front.

Bring it down over the other ribbon.

And tie in a knot.

Pull very taut! This is the back of the bow. Slide bow off of fork, turn over, trim edges and you have the perfect little bow!

You can create larger bows by using a larger fork - or anything that resembles it. You can also loop your ribbon around multiple times to get a darling fluffy bow! I like to use Glue Dots to adhere my bows to projects.


Ruthie Graen said...

Penny, pure genius! Your bows are beautiful. Yep, made a copy to keep at my side!! Thanks!

Ruthie Graen said...

Thought I would need your toot by my side for always, but after tying two, I won't forget how!! I have done over a dozen of these little bows and I am in love!!

Sandi said...

With your instructions I was finally
able to tie a bow that I could
actually put on a card. Thanks!!!