Monday, July 8, 2013


It's Swap Time!
The 2013 Stampin' Up! convention is just around the corner and part of the fun is creating cards to swap with other stampers.  Now I don't get super involved with it all .... just 26 for our team, nice and low key - but I do have some tips that will work well any time you're making multiples. How about your Christmas list or invitations or thank you's?
So here are my pile of goodies.... of course I can't show you the finished cards until the day I swap, but I will post it then and meanwhile you can discover how to receive one of my swaps at the end of this post!
 I've compiled a little list of tips you may find helpful when you want to create lots and lots of the same card. This is actually kind of funny that I'd even be sharing this as I tend to procrastinate and finish up things on the fly. But, I am working on keeping my life simple and calm and here's what I've learned:
 Be kind to yourself ....
Allow plenty of time so it stays enjoyable! Work backwards from your deadline and have them done a few days (at least!) before the due date. It doesn't have to be a marathon - break it up over a few days. I've got mine completed a week ahead, yay, first time ever!
 Do the math!
Wasting card stock really adds up if you're making multiple cards. Card stock is 8-1/2" x 11" so when you're designing your card make sure you're making the most of  your paper. For instance 3" squares don't divide well into 8-1/2" or 11", but 2-3/4" will. It's the difference between getting 12 squares out of one piece of card stock or just 6! 
Ditto for ribbon .... 10 yards to a roll divided by ... you get the idea.
 Make a sample!
See that second picture.... well I "knew" what I wanted to create, or thought I did! So, I cut 78 banners, just having a grand old time, (3 banners each for 26 cards) but when it came to assembling my card I discovered my "creation"  was way too fussy for me, so I opted for not using the banners at all! Shooters! All that extra cutting and wasted paper. So, once you have an idea of what you want to create, actually create the card and make sure you're happy with it. Then make certain you actually have all of the supplies on hand or if not, place your order here (that works too!)
Switch it up!
If you're like myself, you stand while using the Big Shot and sit while stamping, etc. So if I have a card that requires a lot of stamping I'll take a break in the middle and complete the embossing or tie some bows or fussy cut an image.
Count often!
Don't wait until you've completed all 100 cards before double-checking and discovering you've only finished 99! Trust me on this one .... you'll just delete a name off of you list rather than begin at the beginning again.
Stamp the inside first!
So, have you ever done this? Spent an hour creating the most gorgeous card and then add a sentiment inside and whoops! in your hurry you stamped it crooked!  So here's my rule: if you're adding a sentiment inside, stamp it first so if you mess up you can easily begin with a new piece of card stock and no wasted time.
Score first, cut second.
We all know that you can make two cards from an 8-1/2" x 11" piece of card stock, right? Now this should be obvious, but it took me a while to figure this one out. Score your card stock first (at 4-1/4" or 5-1/2", depending on which way you want your card to open) and then just cut once to create your two cards. You just saved yourself one step over cutting first and then needing to score both cards. And one step saved times 100 cards is 100 steps!
So, now.... what are your tips and tricks for creating multiple cards?  I know you crafty gals have great ideas and I'd love for you to share them with us in the comment box below. I'll choose one of you to receive one of my swaps!


D'Ann said...

I love your tips! When stamping multi colors, I try to use one ink color at a time to avoid stamping into the wrong color ink pad and ruining my card.

Cathy said...

Great tips! Thanks for sharing. :) I like to, after completing my sample, cut all the pieces for each card then stamp and then assemble in assembly line fashion. Its so much quicker!

Marcia said...

I loved all your tips...especially the one about scoring once and cutting once for 2 cards! (why didn't I ever think of that?!!) One of the things I do when making multiples that have lots of little pieces, is to put those little pieces in separate little bags when I'm done cutting, so when I'm putting my last card together I still have enough of all the pieces. It's SO easy to lose little pieces when they're just sitting on your desk!!

Cynthia Simpson said...

When making multiples, I do one step at a time on all the cards then I move to the next step. I also do an assembly line when making multiples saves so much time than if I complete each card and move on to the next. Assembly lines for me.

Marlene Salvato said...

After I've made my sample I cut the paper for the first card and make sure all my measurements are accurate before cutting the rest of my paper for all the cards - ask me how I know why you should do this!! These tips are awesome and I will be sharing with my downline - thanks so much for sharing!!

Cherie said...

Hi Penny, Thanks for all of the great tips! Some I knew and some I didn't! I have "messed" up a card by stamping crooked! Arg! That is so aggravating. BTW, the sneak peek is showing me something fantastic! Can't wait to see it!

carpediem said...

Such great tips Penny! I also stamp my inside sentiment first too! If I mess up then I can re-fold the base and put the outside layers on top of the messed up side! Saves on paper!
laura j

Michelle said...

wonderful tips! I also assembly line my envelopes at the same time to make sure they coordinate in design and colors. gives it that extra special touch and who wants to have to worry about those later, just as easy when you have everything out.

Renee Pontious said...

Penny...Some great tips I hadn't though of...thanks. I stamp all my cards first with the same stamp, clean and then go on to the next stamp. This way I am not constantly taking the clear stamp off the block and attaching the next one. Also, only have to clean the stamp once like in the previous comment. Happy stampin' everyone!

Alicia Graham said...

What great tips! My best tip is to work in small batches. For example, instead of creating 140 swaps, do a set of 24 and finish them, put them away. It feels SO good to have them completed. Then start another set and finish them until you have completed 6 sets for a total of 144. Much less overwhelming for me! And I do all my swaps in increments of 4, because it works much better with cutting cardstock for the card bases.

Thanks for posting such a fun and timely topic!