Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Face only a Mother Could Love

Let's go easy on a Saturday morning and make a card that is almost one layer.  Using Santa & Co. Designer Series Paper as the main theme of the party, this card goes together quickly. Just add an embossed message and a few twinkly stars and you're done!

Now just take a look at this face - look like anyone in your family? Hah! I love this darling snowman! I'd have him in my front yard in a flat second.  Even sitting on my sofa if he wouldn't melt! Truly a face that only a Mom could love.

And another family of snowmen bringing love from our home to yours. Can't get sweeter or easier than this.

The hearts are punched out using the Owl Punch - how many ways can a person use that punch? It's simply amazing. In all the years I've owned it, I think I have actually only used the owl twice. But all the other components - every few days!

Itty Bitty Banners brings the message "from our home to yours" atop Vellum Paper softly embossed with snowflakes.
Santa & Co Designer Series Paper 135821
Builder Owl Punch 118074
Merry Everything 135071

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aBlessedChaos said...

I absolutely adore these cards.