Saturday, March 3, 2012

Off to the Happiest Place in the World!

Okay - it's late Friday night and I'm catching the 6:40 am flight to Orlando to spend seven fantastic days with  our oldest daughter, Holly, her husband, Rod and their three wonderful kids, Beau, Kaylee and Hope!
But, before I get some sleep.... I just have to post all the little goodies I've made so the grandkiddos have something special on their pillow each night after the day at Disneyworld. I made them in three's (but didn't fit them all in the picture!).

Some of the nights they'll have other surprises - like tiaras and wands, T-shirts, etc. But, I did want to fit a little Stampin' Up! into the mix!
Aren't these great little Hershey's kisses? I'll sprinkle a few on their pillow at night. There's a lollipop in the star holder and then a good old chocolate coin tucked into Mickey's pants! (sorry Mickey!)

I love these cellophane bags - nice and long and a Jelly Belly wide! I also love Winco where you can buy them in bulk or just a few of certain colors to fit the current theme.

Okay, g'nite.... I really have to catch some sleep .....zzzzz

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Inking Idaho said...

Oh my goodness Penny! This is fantastic! I can't believe all the goodies you've put together here for them - simply fabulous!! What a caring and loving gift!!! Gives me the goosebumps!