Monday, March 5, 2012

A Tip for Your Clear Stamp Sets

Today I thought I'd quickly share my favorite way to store my clear stamp sets.

Step 1) Peel the backing from each of the actual stamps.

Step 2) Each set comes with an image sheet. One at a time, remove the backing from an image. The part you exposed is sticky and is ready for your stamp to be adhered to. Carefully press the back side of the stamp onto the image. It's easy to see exactly how it fits on.

In the picture below it shows the backing removed from the image and it's ready to have the stamp adhered.

Step 3) Take the rubber framework that all the stamps have been taken from and remove the backing from it.  This exposes a shiny beige surface. It doesn't feel sticky but will adhere nicely to the inside of the plastic case.


Step 4) Turn it over and press it onto the inside of your stamp case, as shown below. Pop the stamps back into their homes and it all stays nicely in place. You can tell at a glance what you have and if one happens to be missing!

A quick look at the back also shows you all of your stamps!

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Angie ~ My Cricut Closet said...

Great idea! I'm so doing this now.