Friday, November 2, 2012

Don't Miss Mocha Monday!

It's time for a Mocha Monday!
Come join me on Monday, November 5th, 9 am @ Moxie Java in Meridian, for a cup of coffee (or tea) and create these three "perfect for fall" projects in an hour.

All projects are pre-cut, ready to go. They just need you to stamp, assemble and take them home!

A greeting card, an apple cider holder and a treat tag that holds two caramels - perfect for teacher gifts,stocking stuffers, or gift toppers!

$5 class fee includes all project materials

I'd love to have you join us! Reserve your kit today -



Ruthie Graen said...

These are very nice Penny! How fun to have a class in a coffee shop! When you do cards like this do you always provide the inside mat and a sentiment or leave it blank inside for them to finish?

Anonymous said...

Love these but you are a bit too far away for me! Is there any instructions to the treat tag that holds the carmels? I have seen the carmel apple done but couldn't tell by the treat tag. I love making the 6 in square jobbie with the three score lines and then you fold up to hold two tea bags or 2 of the flat Ghiradelli chocolate squares but that wouldn't work for the "lumpier" carmels. Do you let people order the kit and then mail it with the instructions? These are just too cute, all three pieces!

Chris R. from Iowa

Penny Smiley said...

Look for a tutorial on Tuesday! I've had many, many requests of people who would like to come but live too far away.