Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pumpkin Bread Welcome & Thank You!

I've been having a great time making tags lately! And they came in handy today when delivering Pumpkin Bread (chocolate chip pumpkin bread!) to one new neighbor as a welcome.....

and another as a thank you!

Seven years ago yesterday we moved into our home here in Idaho. Halloween and the fixings weren't very high on our list of priorities that first day. 
 A kind neighbor saw our children walking home from the bus stop, and offered to share her collection of costumes with them. She outfitted all six of our kids and then invited them along on a hay wagon ride through our neighborhood to trick-or-treat. How kind and what fun!  

A closer look at the tags - I think I could truly create tags all day long! How about you?

Happy Fall!


Renee Pontious said...

Once again your ideas are fantastic. You have a very lucky neighboring getting this special treat.

Alicia Graham said...

I love your tags, and I agree! It's great fun to create beautiful tags. Thank you for the inspiration!