Thursday, November 8, 2012

Two little birds on a line....

Two little birds on a line .....

Here's a card I pulled from my archives since guess what I did yesterday?

The Demise of a Very Good Friend

It was two days before a new tutorial,
Was about to come out.
Everything was clicking
and calm all about.

Then she decided
To try something new-
Too many layers
She knew, oh, she knew.

But you know how it goes
Just this once it will work
Til "kapow"!
And so sadly

Her Big Shot! was broke!

A new one is on the way and I have a loaner til then, so things are looking up for my new Christmas tutorial being online Saturday. But, please, treat your Big Shot! with more care than I did mine.... it's just so sad.

I die cut a Top Note, embossed it with Northern Flurry and then cut it in half diagonally and placed a strip of Basic Black card stock under it to create the black line. Not sure why I didn't draw a line with a Sharpie but, oh well, you might want to do that to make it simpler.

I colored the Rhinestones with a red Sharpie - it works well with Pearls also.

Here's a sneak peek of what's coming Saturday!

And a look at two of this week's new digital downloads. I love the Merry Woodcuts! See them online here.
Merry Woodcuts Digital Download Kit

Game Day Football Digital Download


Lorie said...

Your card is just lovely, you poem too cute...I wish you a happy delivery , too! :)

I'm looking forward to the tutorial!

Ms said...

oh my goodness...... I absolutely love this card. Simple & elegant. I never saw the Top Note until you mentioned it. I'm a new follower and can't say how glad I Thanks for shring your wonderful creativity.

Ms said...

and my condolences on the loss of your big It's an extention of our arms, I know. Thankfully you can borrow one from a friend.....

Barbara M said...

Love the card! I'm in such a white-on-white phase and your little birds are too cute. I loved the poem -- I have given my Big Shot a hard time a couple of times -- a couple of corners on the clear plate thingies are crunched from when I didn't line them up correctly. Oh well, so glad you have a new one on the way! Can't wait for Saturday and the new tutorial.

Julie said...

Your big shot can be resurrected!!! Call sizzix's toll free number and for $5 they will send you the part you need - it's the crank shaft - will come complete with a photo tutorial. Doesn't matter how old your big shot is, The lady knew excactly what I was talking about when I described the sound. Little secret Stampin up doesnt what you to know.

Penny Smiley said...

Actually Su replaced it! I love them! I received it three days later.