Monday, May 13, 2013

Mocha Monday for Dads and Grads

It's the time of year to celebrate Dad's (Father's Day) and Grads!

 So I've created two cards and a small gift box that holds a gift card and candy.

I used "metal tape" which, when embossed, reminds me of those fancy-shmancy tool boxes and workshop cabinets you find at Home Depot. The tape is available there also, and lots cheaper!
This is the project we're creating today at our Mocha Monday class. As always, I've created a tutorial for this grouping that is available as a PDF tutorial, full of pictures and step by step directions just for you.
Kits are also available. Each kit includes pre-cut supplies for all three projects, envelopes, the PDF tutorial, along with enough of the metal tape for four cards.
The tape comes in such a huge roll and is a bit pricey,
so I thought you might enjoy the extra!

PDF Tutorial
immediate download

Kit and Tutorial
includes tax/shipping


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