Friday, May 10, 2013

Seriously.... again!


Seriously..... love your guts!
These delightful (if guts are delightful) stamps were part of the My Paper Pumpkin kit this month.

Now I love the "seriously" but kind of wondered about the "love your guts" - just didn't sound like something I would say. I'd probably say "I love your courage", or your "heart", whatever. You get the drift.


But... this week I learned that we really do need to love our guts. As in love them enough to treat them kindly.
As in feed it the food it deserves - fresh, organic, whole foods that create an environment where disease just won't get started. The key to health is pretty simple really... keep your body perfectly balanced the way it was meant to be so it can heal on it's own.
So .... to your health!

And for the winner from my first "seriously" post
Tracey Clay
"OMGosh - Love your ideas. How about die cut letter -
B serious. Then you could run with inside - about us, about u (great intervention card), will U marry me, etc, etc"

Tracey, pop me a quick email ( on where your package of goodies needs to arrive. How about a Chevron Embossing Folder, bakers twine and buttons!
And to each of you....
I loved your comments - keep them coming!

Note: I cut this card just 4" wide so it would allow for the tag to extend  beyond the edge of the card and still fit into the envelope. Tricky, tricky!


Inking Idaho said...

There is some deep thinking, girl and so well put for such a light hearted stamp. Way to turn it around Penny - simply awesome card!

Kathy L said...

I agree with the "guts" comment; it isn't comfortable for me either, but your design helped soften the impact. And I am really enjoying all the alternative suggestions.

Lynn Adornato said...

I do not like the word "guts" as used in this context. I think you are too kind to accept it. I would think about using a marker to just use "love your" or "love you" and then another word from another stamp set. I just can't think of any person I would send this too...hmmm

Penny Smiley said...

Love all your comments! It's always interesting to see people's take on things.
I'm sending my card to my daughter who really does work with people getting their "tummies" working right. Now I sound like my Mom!

Happy Stamping!

Ruthie Graen said...

Thank you for your post today and your words of wisdom! I look forward to seeing you at convention!