Sunday, May 5, 2013

Seriously... win a prize!

how many different ways could you, would you, use this saying?
Seriously .... you graduated?
Seriously.... I love you!
Seriously.... you're awesome!
Seriously..... I'm stressed!!!!
Seriously.... let's do coffee
Seriously ..... happy for you!
Seriously.... you're the best Dad ever!
Okay and then....
how many ways could you break the word serious up and use it for some seriously fun cards.
"iou" .... lunch, the world, another chance
 "us" ... love us, just us, us forever
 "serious" .... about you, about us, fun (this one is a little harder)
So - what saying would you put with it?
Leave me a comment and I'll choose one comment to win a prize! Seriously .... it'll be something good.
Leave your comment by Wednesday, May 8th to have an opportunity to win.

This is one of the three stamps that came in My Paper Pumpkin kit this month. The other two are sayings that go with this stamp, along with buttons, twine, paper, envelopes and an ink pad. Everything you need to make some pretty amazing projects. I used mine for a notebook, and some very cool cards.
What is My Paper Pumpkin -
it's a monthly subscription from Stampin' Up! that delivers a wonderful creative get-away right to your doorstep.
Each month I create three additional projects and create a step-by-step tutorial for the gals and guys who subscribe through me.

Click here for more info  - subscribe before May 10th to receive June's fabulous kit!

Note: I used the wonderful "splatter" from French Foliage to add a little interest. It happens to be one of my favorite sets and it is not being carried over into the new catalog -
so order it today here.
French Foliage



Anonymous said...

Using more than one stamp for the newest paper pumpkin, my grandson's graduation cards says -
"you kick SERIOUS booty" Debby from E'burg

Paula J. said...

SE RIO USLY... my mind is overloaded at the moment. Love your blog Penny. Or you could go to RIO (De Genero).

Mary said...

"seriously"'s your Birthday?!
Love getting your blog updates in my e-mail, love your creations so much :)!

euclid314 said...

r u serious?!

I'd love to win a prize!

( r u on the front of the card, and some other sentiment on the inside, like serious, nuts, for real, mine, too cute...)

Carol said...

You are one sly fox.

Anonymous said...

Penny M said

you are one sly devil

Lynn Adornato said...

SERIOUSLY...You are ONE of a kind!

Really :)

Bobbi Miller said...

"you make my heart happy"...

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful thing;
the gift of you.
Thanks for sharing your time and talents with us.(seriously).

Tracey Clay said...

OMGosh Love your ideas---how about die cut letter- B Serious then you could run with inside- about us, about U (great intervention card), will U marry me, etc, etc TFS

Suzanne said...

Seriously ...I am glad your in my life!!

Tricia said...


Anonymous said...

Well, my first thought was using the Dude set - Seriously Dude! I had fun forming words from the word "seriously" and came up with quite a few words but not sure if they are card worthy! My list is downstairs. Any thoughts to maybe a 2nd place for the most words that come from that word? Talk about getting serious?!? I think I must have had too much time on my hands last night!

Chris R. from Iowa

Marcy said...

Seriously SORRY this is a bit late...

"Seriously,go ahead, be my quest."

Jill G said...

Seriously ... you MADE my day!